Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Double digit unemployment rate for minorities in NY

Minorities in America are experiencing a double digit unemployment rate, topping the national average. The latest headline is that President Obama met with black leaders to discuss the staggering statistic. Meanwhile, two sources covered a different angle: New York's rate. There Blacks and Hispanics lead all unemployed groups.

I decided to look for several components when comparing the sources. Included is the national unemployment statistic, why New York's unemployment numbers are special and what the city and unemployed are doing to improve residents' plight.

The two stories are taken from Reuters and Business First. Business First places NY's statistic first and directly quotes Comptroller DiNapoli saying, "This has not been an equal opportunity recession,” an interesting quote. Along with Blacks and Hispanics, those without education rank higher too. The writer names unemployment rates for women and Asians, but it would seem more beneficial to say how NY compares to other states and what officials are doing to curb the numbers. This is a brief article, and to keep focus the writer should have limited information to minorities with the highest unemployment rates. He also misses an opportunity to end optimistically.

Reuters' piece is longer, and it includes all groups with high unemployment numbers. However, like Business First, it does not give the importance of New York's high unemployment rate. The writer also cites lacking education and jobs as sources of unemployment and includes numbers for industries suffering job loses. This story is cluttered with important numbers. A visual would have definitely helped. Overall, Reuters delivers a more informational piece that would be stronger with a few editorial adjustments.

Both articles deliver important information, but both leave the reader wanting to know, "what is being done to ease the high rate?"

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