Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Leaving facebook to begin a social fife

Facebook said it has 399, 999, 999. What's more compelling is people are abandoning the social website for a social life. Yes a social life. Average users dedicate 55 minutes a day on Facebook and have 130 friends, according to the site. However, the constant connection does not suffice for face-to-face human contact. Many are leaving to begin the life (and privacy) they had before Facebook and other social sites.

USA Today published this feature article. It included the image above, something I found unique and complimentary to the story. The user is leaving the surrogate internet social life like other users who named time, privacy and addiction as determining factors.

Overall, the lengthy feature was informative, but it did not begin with information pertinent to the story. Rather, it began with Lora LeNoir, whoever that is, and a statistic irrelevant to the story. This article is deeper than LeNoir and the statistic; people are reclaiming their lives that they lost to social sites. The picture is more attention grabbing than the lede and other introductory sentences. Finally, because it was long, different angles like erasing information, internet consumption in general, and the disadvantages of meeting on networks were adequately covered.

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